Wednesday, October 01, 2008

insane thought

i´m thinking about adopting a 3 yr old.
i haven´t told anyone but stranger traveler people i´ve met on the road.
it´s not actually allowed.
can´t take kids out of honduras.
i´m still going to do some inquiring.

this probably won´t happen.
but i´m thinking about it.
i´m projecting into the possible future in my head.

how weird is that.
who am i??


Neenia said...

Um, I don't know you anymore.


skinny-rabbit said...

It's kind of weird, but not weird in that it's a bad thing. Weird in that I never thought you'd be the type to want to take care of anything other than a cat at this point in your life. Don't you need money to raise a child?

warriorprincesse said...

oh my god. Do it. adopt a kid. I'll babysit for sure!

Anonymous said...