Thursday, October 16, 2008

some observations

1. i have lice. again.
2. i live in an orphanage.
3. i realized the other day that i´ve had sex a total of 5 times in the year 2008. five.
4. i have no money. i´m in debt for an organization i don´t believe in.
5. i´m going to go buy a frosty to make it all better for about 10 minutes.


skinny-rabbit said...

It sounds like it's time for you to come home. The orphans don't need you anymore. We do.

artsmonkey said...

yeah. thinking of it. but i still care about the kids, so i´ll hold out til at least december.

Neenia said...

Aren't you done in December anyway? Two months will probably fly by. That's what I'm hoping for in my case anyway. Except I have eight months. Lame.

nosiren said...

miss you. you're doing a great thing for the kids by holding out and being a somewhat constant, at least for 5 months. can't wait to see you in dec. (or earlier if you really start to go crazy.)

Anonymous said...