Sunday, May 21, 2006

dull lights, small village

sitting in goderich. can't get a cab to the bar. and when we do get to the one bar... the last call will likely be midnight. freedom of leaving town. but nothin to do - and no way to get there... hmmm... the cottage style party scene i was promised is shaping up to be a wee bit disappointing.
on the bright side... i can inhale and not get a lung full of smoggy crap.
maybe i'll go for a cigarette.


bedroomprince said...

Everyone smoke heres. I was at a bar last night and now my throat hurts. Cottage country sounds nice right about now.

Neenia said...

everyone smokes in montreal. and everyone is sexy when they smoke in montreal. so the other day i took a cigarette that I was offered because i wanted to be sexy too. but after three puffs i was like, oh yeah, this is why i hate smoking. so i stopped. and i was still sexy!

artsmonkey said...

yeah - i had a similar smoking experience... yikes.

Anonymous said...