Thursday, May 18, 2006

somewhere that's green.... or lets me have pets.

so it looks like the long and tedious apartment hunt may be coming to an end. i actually saw not one, but two! apartments today that i could actually live with - with my wonderful soon to be roommate - and my wonderful, soon to be dog in law - and of course my cat. and both of the places actually didn't say no to pets!! yeeha!
i dont get the no pets thing. i saw a few places that were all nazi about no dogs - but it appeared as though their current tennants were already scratching the walls and peeing in the corners - so what's the difference? or there was one guy who was really nice about the pet thing - he was actually really nice about everything, except sort of in an "i-belong-to-a-cult" nice... like the kind of nice where i expected him to start talking about how jesus lives in a spaceship and is coming to get us all - but only if we tie ourselves to banana's and shoot ourselves in the head....
anyhoo, he told me he had to check with "the girls who live upstairs" ... he also had to check with the "girls who live upstairs" for any tennant that might be moving in, because "the girls who live upstairs" have to like whomever would be living on the ground floor. i was wondering how "the girls who live upstairs" are paying mr. culto landlord. just a thought.
also, his creepy looking grandma was there with him showing the place... she sort of skulked around in the rooms like an ancient painting in hogwarts.... i wonder if she comes with the apartment? hopefully my living situation won't come to that.
i just can't wait til it's all over. i have seen the silver lining, and i'm clinging to it.
all i want is a kick ass two bedroom apartment somewhere...... oh wouldn't it be loverly?