Wednesday, February 07, 2007

clutzy mc clutzerson

so i was dancing around my apartment like a super star and singing and feeling all special about my self b/c i got an audition for a company i really want to work on (plus i'd had timmy's coffee - aka crack). when all of a sudden ' pop' goes my groin (aka: adductor longus muscle most likely) - and now i'm hobbling around like a war amputee. well, not really - b/c i still have my leg. sorry. that was both a politically incorrect and innaccurate description.
standing hurts.
so does sitting on the toilet.
two things i like to do.
you must all pray for artsmonkey's groin to heal.


nosiren said...

oh nooooo!

skinny-rabbit said...

I'm just happy someone else admitted to enjoying the act of sitting on the toilet.

warriorprincesse said...

I'm so sorry! But I'm still laughing. You're funny! I'm praying.

Anonymous said...

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