Wednesday, February 21, 2007

what is this... stillness?

i'm at the library. i should be looking up monologues for my audition this saturday. but instead i blog. instead i look at facebook. i'm new to it, and somewhat fascinated. unearthing all these people that up until two days ago had disappeared.
and i'm not busy. well, let me rephrase: i am busy - but i'm not so busy that i don't have time for blogging, or a coffee date, or going to the gym, or having sex. i like this. i feel like i'm forgetting something - but i'm not - my schedule is allowing me time to breathe... just a little.
yet this is just a lull. i can feel it. i predict that my next time to breathe will not be for another few months. i have big expectations for this year. i expect to be journeying toward greatness. if this doesn't happen i think i'll be disappointed. i suppose it depends on how i view greatness.

i feel antsy. and excited. like something big is just at my fingertips. like everything will change again. like everything will change over and over and over until i've transformed like a butterfly from a caterpillar.
maybe i'm destined to be famous like my fortune cookie said. or maybe i've just had too much sugar today.