Wednesday, May 09, 2007


it's 11:11, make a wish.
i wish i was skinnier
i wish i knew what i wanted from my relationship
i wish i had the summer off of work but still got paid
i wish i was in mexico, or paris, or vancouver or new york without a care in the world
i wish i had more motivation to do more, write more, be more
i wish my friends all lived within the same block
i wish someone would give me $1500 to pay for my fringe trip to halifax
i wish my sister would call me
i wish i had really cool clothes that always made me look fabulous
i wish i had a personal shopper to get the wardrobe for me
i wish my apartment was newly clean
i wish my next door neighbor and i were friends
i wish my mucscles didn't ache and feel sore and semi injured after a week of sticking to my fitness goals
i wish i had an agent
i wish i was in a movie
i wish my throat didn't feel like rocks
i wish my blogger friends were still dedicated to their blogs

i think i just realized something.
possibly an epiphone (sp?)... i'll have to sit on it a while b4 i come to any conclusions


warriorprincesse said...

first of all, I want to hear your epiphany (sp? haha)! no cliffhanger blogs!
And second, is it weird that I want the exact same things as you give or take a very few details like brother in stead of sister and stuffy nose in stead of rocky throat. weird. I wrote a song about how it sucks to be the same as everyone else even though it's comforting.

DancingAntsInMyPants said...

hmmm. i would like some of those listed wishes also.

don't forget you owe us a blog!

Neenia said...

i am still dedicated to my blog!!! i'm sorry, i've been working like a motherfucker and failing as a general human being lately. i'm going to blog about it.
i like your wishes.

nosiren said...

i wish i'd been keeping up on your blog. . .

Anonymous said...