Tuesday, May 29, 2007


... i will go to new york and visit antsypants... i've never been to new york.
... i will wander new streets with bedroom prince and talk ideas.
... i will go dancing - i haven't gone dancing dancing in a while - when you just go to dance.
... i will help neenia bake cookies. i might even share my secret recipie.
... i will climb lots with my ex and maybe some new people too.
... i will stay true to what i believe i need right now, and not let others sway me in times of weakness.
... i will get this agent who is interested in me.
... i will wear skirts more - and buy new shoes!
... i will celebrate my 27th b-day in 11 days without the fear/depression of being closer to 30 and not having enough to show for it. because i do have stuff. lots of stuff.


Neenia said...

you are fabulous. yes, help me bake cookies!

DancingAntsInMyPants said...

That spirit looks so good on you!! Keep it up! You are BRILLIANT and still so young. remember, 30 is the new 20.

bedroomprince said...

You have countless nights walking streets and talking about ideas. That is more than most people could ever dream of.

warriorprincesse said...

um, you kick ass, you have hot legs, you have lots of stuff. I like people because of their stuff, remember? And I like you. A lot.

(bedroom prince, you sound like seasons of love)

Anonymous said...