Tuesday, June 05, 2007


i think i may have magical powers... either that or fate is hanging around me as of late.
situation #1:
a used-to-be best friend of mine fell out of my life. for various reasons. conflicts, misunderstandings, competition, hurt feelings, separation of interests etc. she's been on my mind. two nights i dreamed of her. thought i should email. put it aside. today i'm eating b-fast at a greasy spoon and journaling. thinking today i will definitely email her and say we need to be friends again i even write this down. i am determined. i pay my bill, walk outside and head to my dance class. there she is - standing in front of the door, back turned to me...writing a note that says "hi artsmonkey, i miss you...." i interrupt her writing and we reuinite after four months of not seeing one another.
situation #2:
i don't feel like teaching a particular client a couple of days ago. i think hard about how i want her to cancel her appointment. right before her time slot i go to the receptionist and he says "she's not coming - she got in a car accident" ahhh!!! i ask if she's okay - he says it was very small, she just has to take her car in. phew! but still - that'll cost her a lot of money!
i think i might have superpowers. i need to use them wisely.

now i need to think up a superhero name! i just thought of that....
any suggestions? it has to have something to do with mindpower.... actually i'm also quick too... this one time when i was at h&m i caught a falling manequin without even a sideways glance... it just started to tip and i gracefully caught it while ever-so-casually walking out the door....
but that's the only cool thing i've done like that....
any suggestions?