Thursday, June 07, 2007

things to do:

- stop being an insomniac
- stop eating excessive bowls of raisin bran
- be in a musical soon
- take more dance classes
- make kick ass demo tape to get agent
- go to ny over long wkend
- get guitar re-strung so it doesnt sound like shit
- be hotter in general
- buy toilet paper


warriorprincesse said...

Here, the Special K is WAY more special then it is at home. I'm SO addicted to it and I eat it as often as possible. I just found out--there's a chocolate version! Not like chocolate flavoured flakes, like you get little peices of dark chocolate with the amazingly special Special K! IT'S SO DELICIOUS!!!

oh, by the way, raisins are disgusting and should be banned from the world!

artsmonkey said...

i like raisins. but not if they are puffy - like in bread.
i've heard about the special k. i might get some. but if i do i'll eat the whole box at once.

DancingAntsInMyPants said...

PHEW!!! i really thought i was the only one who went through boxes of cereal. 2 boxes this week. well in 6 days. and it's just me. no sharing. i'm addicted to kashi go-lean crunch and puffins. it's terrible.
that and peanut butter. i can't stop.

ok so YES you may crash at my pad....but you can sleep on the pull out in the living room. my room is so small i don't have a floor. i just have to clear it with the roomies. hooray!!!!

bedroomprince said...

Dance class tomorrow morning at 915? I will call you!

nosiren said...

when you beat the insomnia, teach me how. and then send some of that raisin bran out west. it sounds a lot better than the 10 minute chinese food i just ate.

Anonymous said...