Monday, July 10, 2006

3rd wheeling it

i spent my weekend in paradise - at a cottage - but unfortunately it was tainted, as i was in 3rd wheel hell.
it started as i sat in the backseat of the car as my couple friends sat in the front. she cooing and petting and baby talking to him the whole way there. (pukedy puke - take that shit elsewhere)
it was heightened as i realized that having a intelligent conversation with him would cause her to sulkingly go into the next room and later (i over heard) have her crying to him as he tried to console her.(wtf?)
then it was the after wedding party of a friend (that i don't know) among a bunch of 30 something couples that i also don't know. i felt like samantha in that episode of sex in the city where they go to that party - and she's talking to that guy, and his wife comes up -and is like "hi - i'm his wife" in this totally suspicious tone. then she gets really drunk and starts acting inappropriately - except i didn't do that - i probably should've, could have been fun. ... of course it doesnt help my case that i looked hot and am young and fabulous.
then it was the couple (that i also had just met) who i ended up sharing the cabin with the second night. same thing - stayed up talking to the guy - about perfectly platonic things - and the girlfriend headed to bed. then i had creepy dreams of him molesting me and i woke up the next day and saw him right away and was like...."hiii"....
the weekend was bookended with an over the top display of icky couple behavior on the ride home.
i'm suprised i made it out alive.
i do have to say though - after this weekend, i don't feel lonely or long to be in a couple anytime soon.
i think i will enjoy dating myself for a while.
and why not? even the sex is pretty great.


Senor Cheeseburger said...

What's wrong with my blog? I think its totally awesome. And I'm glad sex with yourself is great. I hope you're good looking, or else that's pretty gross.

Have a great day,
Senor Cheeseburgers

Neenia said...

i'm surprised you refrained from barfing everywhere; what an icky weekend! very samantha indeed, you harlot. how dare you have platonic conversations with men you find interesting in a perfectly friendly way???
yay for dating yourself! but save some dates for me when I'm back in the city, i want a piece of your hotness too!

DancingAntsInMyPants said...

That sounds like hell.

The thing I love most about my dude is that when other friends of ours hang with us, we make a point of making them feel the opposite of a 3rd wheel. I love when he can hold down a great conversation with my girlfriends and I can go about my business elsewhere.

What's wrong with those women? I'm sorry you had to go through that. Sex with oneself continues to be the hi-light of my sexuality. no joke.

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