Thursday, July 06, 2006

blogging etiquite

is it rude to blog at a friends house? when invited over to socialize? b/c that's what i'm doing right now - and i think maybe i'm being an asshole.
ah well.
i can't abandon my fellow bloggers.
what if you make out with them to make up for it? probably won't work. he's gay.
but maybe i am too.
when i'm single i tend to dress more like a lesbian. i think it's a defense mechanism.
say what?


Neenia said...

i hear lesbians are hot right now. embrace your hot lesbian!

skinny-rabbit said...

I went to a gay bar last night where the girl I was with wanted a drink so she held out a twenty and looked away, because, as she put it, this was a gay bar, and the don't respond to boobs.

That had nothing to do with anything. You make me laugh.

warriorprincesse said...

oh! does gay mean they won't want to make out with you? so that's the problem...

it's not rude...I think I'm only saying that because I've done it before.

somebody said...