Friday, July 28, 2006

good morning!

so i'm back to blogging after a long hiatus (sp?) - i was rehearsing, then away, then sick...blah blah excuse excuse....
i now feel pressure to make this blog extra fantastic - like it's some sort of cher farewell again tour....
but instead i will write a rushed blog with not enough information but too many words.

first thing. you may have noticed nosiren's link on my blog. read it - if only for her latest entry.

second thing. i just had a surreal week. i spent 10 days at a cottage with 7 other actors while doing a show. during this time i received 2 texts from my ex - which makes me suspect that he is probably still reading my blog. nothing has come of these texts.

third thing. after our 5th show - i was completely blown over to see a woman "friend"(i use quotations b/c it's a bit blurry) of mine emerge from the audience. i have not seen this woman in 2 years and neither of us knew that the other would be there. crazy.

fourth thing. i have started "spending time" (i use quotations b/c i like to) with one of the actors from the play. he has the exact same name as the chef. what the fo?

fifth thing. i can't say. i have a secret that i have been keeping (from most people) for about 4 months. i have to keep this secret to "protect"(i use quotations a: b/c i like them, and b: b/c it's not really my call to make) my friends. i watch this secret slowly gnaw away at them but one of them isn't aware of what the problem really is.

sixth thing. i'm back in the city and i feel like i'm starting over again and again and again. it's like i'm pushing a big rock up hill and i'm almost over the top - but it keeps rolling back - i'm working on gathering enough strength to give it a good ol heave ho right over and watch it start to roll down....

and that's all for now.
i've missed my blogger friends - but in a way, i think all this time with myself has helped me to figure a few things out.

later alligators