Wednesday, July 05, 2006

*poof* i'm gone....

i've been plotting my escape lately.
how will i do it? maybe i'll get that touring theatre job... maybe i'll join a swap program and go teach pilates and write and find out about theatre elsewhere..... maybe i'll go on a fringe tour - but then i'd have to wait til next summer.... maybe... maybe... i don't know.
why am i so antsy to run away?
is it the permanency of my new home? is it the memories of exes that follow me everywhere in this city? is it b/c i'm 26 and single, and i know now is the time to travel the world - i have nothing truly tying me here... is it b/c i'm unemployed and each effort to push myself into my new career becomes more and more exhausting?
is it because i'm lonely? can one run away from loneliness?

i woke up screaming - yes, actually just one scream/yelp - from a dream last night.


i thought for a moment last night that someone (that i met in a bar) was stalking me. maybe he is..... i don't really mind - at least someone is paying attention.

holy shit! this is a depressing blog!
but this is where i can vent.
thanks blogger friends.


bedroomprince said...

Running away is more lonely than being at home. Running away does not change the challenges that are inevitable with any worthwhile endeavour in life: those challenges will confront you when trying to pursue your chosen career whether in Toronto or Timbuktu.
And running away won't help me any if you aren't running toward me

skinny-rabbit said...

as someone once said to me: "The awful issues of your life bring such smiles to my face when you express them in blog form."

DancingAntsInMyPants said...

Are there any auditions happening in Toronto????

You need to get yourself in a touring cast of some wonderful show.............
I wish it were that easy. That's what i would do if i had all the power. and i would cast all of my blogger friends, get funded thousands of dollars, pay you all a fantastic salary and travel the world spreading the gospel of blog.

warriorprincesse said...

go for it! Run away! I've felt like I've been trying too for so long! it's trying to shake that something that's holding you back. You don't seem like you wanna hide or anything, so that sounds good. Dude, I totally know what you mean.

Neenia said...

sometimes it's nice to get away and see another side of the world. it can give you perspective on what's going on back at home. do it! run away! but on your way stop by me and bedroomprince and alathariel and skinny rabbit and dancingantsinmypants and gilbert's girl. better yet, just take us all with you!

somebody said...