Wednesday, August 01, 2007

the cheese stands alone

so in 24 hours or so i've gone from being crowded to deserted.

one has said he wont call.
one said he'd call and didn't.
one called to take back everything he said.

i wanted this.

it's a little shocking all at once.

cold turkey?

i always have found the extreme route suits me.

i just ate 2/3rds of a tub of ice cream.


Neenia said...

whoa, that's a complete 360. what kind of ice cream? i usually find the fattier and more delicious the ice cream the worse the situation is.

the cheese is not alone. i am the cracker to your cheese.

warriorprincesse said...

I really love cheese. I love your last bunch of blogs a lot. Is it okay that your life is entertaining to me? not in like a Will and Grace way, but like, a good book way. That's okay, right?

nosiren said...

only 2/3?? i hope it was a big tub!

somebody said...