Wednesday, August 08, 2007

on the upside

i have my friends.
i have the thought of going to mexico for two weeks this winter to learn spanish.
two weeks of sun and sand and watching boys surf while being a cool, language-learning, nomadic, hostel-staying traveler type.
i felt hot enough today to submit myself for the role of a "gorgeous mermaid" in a commercial. they probably won't call me - but at least i'd call me.
i'm going to halifax in three weeks.
i got more hours this week at work than i expected to - thus i am only partially broke - not destitute.
i'm going to dance class tonight... we'll see how that goes.
i attached my basket to the back of my bike again - making life that much more conveinient.
my exexexexex bf will not be visiting me this wkend. although it would be nice in the moment - it would be bad in the longrun.
i have plans this saturday. i'm tasting the danforth, then going to a birthday party.

so it's not so bad. and the mood is gradually improving.
if i could add a hot passionate no-strings affair to this list and some paid acting work - i'd be good to go.