Friday, August 03, 2007

me myself and i

tonight i took myself out. i was going to stay at home and mope. but then i thought "you wanted to be single so you could spend time with yourself and with friends... so spend some time with yourself!"... i went for a long walk up and down the danforth, listening to my ipod. people watching. feeling very underdressed in my tank and board shorts and flip flops. i think that the danforth may be the high maintenance capital of canada... anyhoo... finally i found a little bakery/cafe where i had a glass of red and spanikopita, all for under $10. and decent red too. while there i wrote in my journal. there were three cute boys sitting across from me. i made up stories about the one facing me. i also wrote about how is facial hair looked like peach fuzz andit looks like a bad attempt to hide a babyface. i left the cafe in a much better mood than when i arrived. then i went to a candy store and was excited to find that they had my favorite british chocolate bar! i used to always get it when i was in scotland. so i bought one overpriced "yorkie" and ate it on my way home. a little too much sugar - and i was about to feel guilty about it, and then i thought - fuck that! it's a waste of my time feeling guity about stuff i eat. it takes long enough to eat it in the first place.
so that was my night. now i am going to watch an episode of the family guy and pretend that i don't have to work tomorrow.