Tuesday, August 07, 2007


i am in a bad mood. bad. i'm actually generally not in the best of moods lately. i usually have a spurt of energy for a few hours each day - but beyond that, i'm grumpy, pissed off, blazee, sad, annoyed, lazy and dissatisfied. if it weren't for neenia, i'd probably be completely losing my mind.
i'm near to broke. my hours are diminishing at work b/c it's august and everyone is on holiday. i've misplaced or lost 2 of my bank cards. i have to finish apprentice hours for pilates and the studio i trained with is jerking me around and treating me like shit. i'm annoyed by men in general. my ex and i only communicate about business in cold clipped emails. i'm lonely but i don't want to really be around people. it's raining and i was going to ride my bike. my apartment is messy. i have no motivation to do anything. i got hit on a couple times when out with neenia the other night. cute guys. i talked to one for a while. i really had no interest though. what's the point? i'm not wanting to be with anyone right now anyway. i'd just end up back at square one.
okay. this blog is depressing and probably should have been reserved for my journal.
i'm going to go have a coffee. that'll give me my 2 hours of good mood.