Tuesday, September 25, 2007

god doesn't want me to get laid

i had my first spanish class tonight.
i'm excited.... twice a week i will be reminded of my upcoming vacation. (3 months and counting).
everyone in my class is a woman! wtf? the teacher was like "all women! this has never happened to me!" so i can't even discount this event to the thought that men don't like learning languages...
i thought this whole taking spanish classes thing might enhance my social life/give me options for extra curricular activities.... and by that i mean having deep conversations... and by that i mean communicating through the international language of 'fuck me'.

all women!
and none that i would sleep with (i gave the class a good scan) - of course i considered it - one must keep their options open... stay optimistic... don't throw in the towel right away... work with what you've got.... i mean, jesus fed a crowd by multiplying fishes and loaves of bread...
there are no fishes or loaves of bread in my spanish class.
not one loaf. or one edible fish.
maybe god would be more on my side if i went to church.
but then i wouldn't be allowed to have frivolous sex out of wedlock.
catch 22: go to church and get guilted out of cock - or - don't go to church and you're off god's wish list.
i'm switching... pagan's have orgies, right?


warriorprincesse said...

I'm sure sex will come of this! Probably in Mexico and it'll be because you learned spanish!

DancingAntsInMyPants said...

Yes, maybe those women have hot male friends or brothers. I feel like this was meant to happen.

and yes, maybe it's so you can actually concentrate on learning the language and maintain supreme focus in class. That way you can actually speak Spanish AND the language of love in Mexico.

OW OW!!!!

Anonymous said...