Tuesday, September 11, 2007


i just got home today. i feel like i should have something to look forward to. a plan. but i don't really.
i'm glad to have my own space again. i was on the verge of killing my ex. for no reason other than we saw way too much of eachother.
i don't feel like i accomplished anything by going away.
i hate that.
i liked being away. but it was a weird situation.
i reconnected with some old friends. that part was good.
the weather was good.
i realized that i am older than i was 3 years ago. obviously. but i get it.
i love the fall in toronto.
i want to be excited about it. i want to be excited about my single life.
i'm just sort of blah right now.
maybe i just need to give it a day or two.
even my blogs suck.


Neenia said...

Your blogs never suck. I'm happy that you're home.

skinny-rabbit said...

you know that you're the only blogger i haven't lived with?

bedroomprince said...

Your blogs never suck. Wait a sec... Someone alread told you that. By the sounds of it though, you need to hear it again. how about a third time? Your blogs never suck.

Anonymous said...