Tuesday, September 18, 2007


i got my hair cut, i have my appetite back and i'm going to listen to jazz tonight.
this is an improvement.
i was reading old journals/morning pages from 9 months ago. most of what i wanted then i now have.
i said that i wanted an agent, i wanted my own apartment, i wanted to not have bedbugs, i wanted to have more money and i wanted time alone - more space. i wanted mornings to myself.
i have all these things.
realizing this slightly improved my mood.
only slightly though. i still think i'm in a weird funk. getting better though.


nosiren said...

wanting something can be kind of grounding. maybe the whole north american depression epidemic is from trying to figure out what to want next.

warriorprincesse said...

What's a morning page?

Once, I wrote a bunch of wishes on little peices of paper that I knew would come true and hid them in random places. Like, in the winter, I wrote "I wish it was summer" and then I found the paper in July and I felt good. Past Me got what she wanted!

Anonymous said...